How To Write A College Essay With Ease

Been on your college essay for weeks? Does it seem the whole world is falling on you? Where do you start? What do you write?

First, you need to know what a college essay is about.

What is a college essay?

This a write-up directed to a particular college’s admission board. Giving them details on who you are and why the college should grant you admission. It might be either in an argumentative format or personal detailing.

When prepping for your essay, try to understand the following:

  • Understand the topic and requirements.
  • Outline your points in a paper.
  • Proper research with available tools is a necessity.
  • Develop your points sequentially.
  • Remove all irrelevant details, always hit the nail on the head.

What makes up a college essay?

After adequate preparation for your work, you can then start writing. But to write a college essay, it is usually subdivided into three (3).


    The beginning justifies how your examiners would treat your request. The written introduction forecasts a shadow of what the reader can expect. So, try the following for your introduction.

    • Begin with an interesting statement.
    • Briefly summarize your topic.
    • Conclude your introduction with a thesis statement.

    From the onset, aim to captivate your audience’s attention. From your opening paragraph, initiate your topic and take your stand. Also, while writing, shed light on the background of your write-up. This background will enable you to make a good thesis statement.
    The thesis statement you will write comes after your introduction. It reveals the main point of the essay you are about to write on.

  2. BODY:

    This part is where you write all your evidence, corresponding with your introduction. In a case were your write-up is an argumentative essay. Research, along with a lot of evidentiary findings, might be required. On the other hand, for a personal essay, the write-up would be based on personal experience.

    Right categorically. For an essay that would require following a time-series. Write in that accord; do not muddle up your write-up.

    While for argumentative write-ups, you might need to start from less important points and then build on them to the more important write-ups.

    Never plagiarize, instead proper citations of your references must be included in your write-ups.


    Conclude simply and stylishly. Discourse your thesis statement again, in other to re-emphasize your stand, but do not rewrite it word for word. Endeavour to leave your readers awestruck, with something to keep in mind about you.

Hints for success

A credible college essay could boost the chances of your acceptance into such schools. Be careful not to overwrite. Only a few hundred words are needed.

When writing personal essays, focus on specifics, because it is not an autobiography.

The best college essays are not always about notable achievements or milestones. On the other hand, something well thought and carefully organized is much appreciated.

Endeavor to submit top-notch articles. Rewrite, proofread at, and then edit. Your examiners value candid writing but also appreciate a quality piece of work.

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