How To Write A Conclusion For An Essay

An essay is general writing that allows an author to impose a view on the minds of his readers. It could either be formal or informal. Essays are generally subclassed into four groups;

  • Narrative essay: This type of essay allows the writer to tell a story based on either a real-life experience or a fictional assumption.
  • Descriptive essay: This essay is used to paint a picture of an event, a person, or an assumption.
  • Expository essay: This is a writing that is based on facts only.
  • Persuasive essay: an essay written to convince a particular set of readers.

All types of essays mentioned above and those not mentioned, all have something in common. That is a conclusion.
A conclusion given to an essay is a small write-up that ends the essay. It is one of the most important parts of the essay.
Sometimes the conclusion is overlooked by many writers and considered as easy. Contrary to this thinking, a conclusion can sometimes be daunting. And a writer could be completely lost on what to do.

What Does A Conclusion Look Like?

A conclusion is not a simple summary of the main article written, as some think. Rather it is the most important part of your write-up that is imprinted on your reader’s mind. Therefore, it should be convincing and worthwhile.
A sound conclusion is brief and solid. All proofs, finding, and pieces of evidence are left in the body and not written in conclusion. It has to be written in a less complicated, clear thoughts, and language.

What To Avoid In Your Write-Up

  • Avoid the use of irrelevant phrases. Phrases such as “in conclusion”, “in summary”, “in closing”. Should all be avoided.
  • Avoid stating your thesis phrase for the first time in your conclusion.
  • Never introduce a new idea, suggestion, or topic when concluding.
  • Never end with a rephrased thesis statement, without any added changes.
  • Been sentimental, or appealing to the reader’s emotions, which is not in agreement with the body of the essay.
  • Incorporating pieces of evidence or citing references that are meant for the body of the essay.

How To Conclude Your Essay

  • Convince and not confuse your readers: When making your pitch, do not be afraid of rhetorical questions. Make a bold and sound pitch in favor of your introduction and body.
  • Make a coherent and unified conclusion: Besides the fact that you are making a pitch, endeavor that your conclusion is harmonious with the introduction and body.
  • Be speculative: In writing of the body and the introduction. You wrote carefully and discreetly. So when concluding, you could be a little speculative.
  • Don’t make the speculation that your write-up would change the world. Rather be creative and excite your readers, offer suggestions on the need for a change.
  • Let your thesis be. Do not rewrite the thesis, rather pull a write-up that clearly shows that you have provided an answer to the thesis.

Writing a notable and ground-breaking conclusion could look daunting. But taking the time and realizing what is needed for a conclusion would help.

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